Stephen Karaolis

CEO & FOunder 

With a true passion for communications and marketing, Stephen's work never ends. He is always looking for the next way that clients can make a splash, reading everything he can get his hands on to ensure they are at the forefront of their industries. 

Stephen's past includes work on storied brands such as Canon, American Express and Sprint, in addition to leading communications efforts for industry disruptors PURE Insurance, Park Place Technologies and more. 

In PR, ideas come in all shapes and sizes. One small tweak could land you on the front page of the morning paper. Stephen is a firm believer in big ideas, but also in the notion that the little things can have a big impact when done right. No detail is safe when it comes to scrutiny for improvement.

Being at the forefront of SKPR, he makes sure his clients rise above the rest. Without passion, this would not be possible. What’s unique about Stephen is the authenticity of his passion. He remains true to his core interests and beliefs in everything that he promotes. Media are the ultimate judge of authenticity, and Stephen's is undeniable.